Nadolig Llawen Happy Christmas to all our LlandafPost readers!

Unknown office party crew singing upstairs in Porro, Llandaf, Cardiff. This was a national anthem sing-off with no conclusive winner. Hen Wlad fy Nhadau was belted out with true Land of Song Aplomb. The Inuits sang the Canadian National Anthem in English and then said, that was English, now here’s some Inuit singing. They sang a congregational song, followed by a truly magic moment which was a harmonic, throat-singing duet by two of the party. The Welsh office party put forward a great singer who sang an unaccompanied solo of the Welsh folk song which contains the lovely couplet: “Mae’n well gen i nag aur y byd dy weld yn gorwedd yn dy grud” – I’d rather see you lying in your cot than have all the gold in the world. And that’s as good a Christmas message as we can hope for at the end of this year which has seen such suffering in Syria.


Author: melyn

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