Llandaf’s Christmas Lights switched on 26 November

That’s when the Christmas lights of Llandaf are being switched on this year. It’s always a grand occasion, and a great chance to mingle, visit cafes, pubs and shops and see friends and neighbours.

Here’s some background to this year’s event from the High Street sub—committee of the Llandaff Society:

“6 FOR 6-30 P.M.
The switching on of the lights November 26th, 7pm


“The High Street sub—committee of the Llandaff Society has been arranging the switching on of the Christmas Lights event for the last 5 years. It costs about £1,500 every year to organise. This could not have been done without the support of friends and members who buy tickets for the various functions. Our fund receives a third of the face value of each ticket sold. For this support we are grateful. As we are for the continued involvement of the traders, each of whom pays for the tree and lights outside his/her establishment.”

“This year for the first time we find ourselves with a deficit due to the extra cost of buying a new string of lights and the withdrawal of support of some of our sponsors. So we are in more need than ever of your generous help. Please support the above events.”


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