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Llandaff Water Mill lecture


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Reminiscence monthly at the Cardiff Story

There’s a chance to get together with other Cardiff residents and hear and share stories on the first Wednesday of every month at the Cardiff Story museum at the Hayes Old Library Building.

Just turn up at 11am.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.


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Taylor Wimpey public consultation at Llandaff Institute

There’s a large turnout here today at the Llandaff Institute as Taylor Wimpey shares its plans to redevelop the site currently occupied by BBC Cymru Wales Broadcasting House and Ty Oldfield, either side of Llantrisant Rd. in Llandaf, Cardiff.


Taylor Wimpey's draft plan for the BBC Llandaf site
Taylor Wimpey’s draft plan for the BBC Llandaf site

Will Phillips, technical director of Taylor Wimpey said he feels the plan opens up an area which is currently closed to local residents. It’s not a gated community and there could be paths through trees, passing an open public space, which neighbouring residents could use to walk or bike through the proposed estate to access the river and the Taff Trail.

Mr and Mrs Huntley, who have lived in Fairwater Grove East, since the 1960s are most concerned about traffic. Mr Huntley said: “Llandaff village in rush hour is already jammed, you can’t add 400 new homes on this site without things getting significantly worse.”

Some of the other issues I heard raised included: the capacity of local schools, the loss of some trees with existing tree preservation orders, and one resident I spoke with was concerned about the social housing within the plan.

Some of the Llandaf residents who came to the Llandaff Institute to learn more and voice their opinions.
Some of the Llandaf residents who came to the Llandaff Institute to learn more and voice their opinions. 12 February 2015

Mr Phillips of Taylor Wimpey said the company will be reading and collating all the input from today’s consultation before moving on to the next step of the process.

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If you have a view about the way the BBC Llandaf Broadcasting House is developed, the buyers Taylor Wimpey want to hear from you. They’re holding a consultation day at the Llandaff Institute from 11am – 8pm on 12 February, and everyone’s welcome to attend. This sounds like an open house, rather than a public meeting approach.

There are bound to be discussions about the extra car traffic through Llandaf village which the potentially-close-to-400-homes will bring. Some may lament the potential loss of Dale Owen’s modernist building which has become a bit of a local landmark. Other will want to suggest community facilities like libraries, community centres and health facilities.



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Radyr Court Road planning appeal inspector site visit

Many readers will be aware of the plans to build new homes on the green land of Radyr Court Road by Nabatean Ltd.

The aptly-named Simon Field of the Save Radyr Court Road group has written to say that the Planning Inspector appointed to make the final decision will visit the site at 2pm on Thursday 12th June 2014. He invites residents who oppose the plans to meet him at 2pm on the same day at the bottom of Spooky Lane at the end of Radyr Court Road.

The visit follows the planning inquiry conducted over two days in City Hall, Cardiff, in May.

Simon says that “counsel for the owners of the land emphasised that the path that runs from the end of Radyr Court Road (by the gates across ‘Spooky Lane’) across the land towards Radyr Woods is not a right of way, and as it is entirely privately owned, it can be closed at any time (but) we believe that continuous open access for the length of that path has existed for a very long time – certainly more than 20 years.”

Looking ahead to the site visit, Simon adds: “Whilst we are asked not to enter into any debate regarding evidence,  we are allowed to point things out to the inspector.  So we would like a good turnout of local residents, to demonstrate the strength of feeling against the planning application, and to highlight how much we value and make use of the land and its various footpaths.”

If you want to go along to the appeal inspector’s site visit, go to the bottom of Spooky Lane at the end of Radyr Court Road at 2pm on Thursday 12th June 2014.

Photo from Simon Field's website
Photo from Simon Field’s website

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