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Llandaff 50 Plus archeological project at the old Llandaf cattle pound

The Llandaff 50 Plus group has an archeological project going on at the old Llandaf cattle pound, between the old public conveniences at the top of the steep hill alongside the Cathedral and the Bishop’s Castle. Here’s a photo of volunteer students from Bishop of Llandaff School who have been digging to reveal the old cattle pound’s secrets. Donna Howard of the group explained the history of the Pound and visitors to the dig are able to learn about the history of the Bishop’s Castle, along with a timeline. This and work on the Heritage Centre is all thanks to a series of generous grants, listed on their website: “£200,000 Welsh Government grant , £3,000 from Cardiff YMCA (1910) Trust, £10,000 for National Lottery Heritage Fund, £5,000 from National Lottery Community Fund and £10,000 from a local charitable trust to help provide a 50+ community activity centre and heritage room in the heart of Llandaff village.

Llandaff 50 Plus group and Bishop of Llandaff School learners excavating the site of the old Llandaf Cattle Pound
Llandaff 50 Plus group and Bishop of Llandaff School learners excavating the site of the old Llandaf Cattle Pound
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Mozart in Llandaf 14 April 2018

Mozart’s Requiem and two other pieces are being performed by Llandaff Cathedral Choral Society, the Llandaff Sinfonia and guests in Llandaff Cathedral on Saturday 14 April 2018. Details:

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Ten Tenors at Llandaff Cathederal for Christmas

Ten Tenors perform at Llandaff Cathederal in this Christmas concert on 1 December 2017 for Welsh Hearts.

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Llandaff Ghost Walk

Llandaf resident and LlandafPost reader Caerwyn Williams has been in touch to say how much he enjoyed the Llandaff Ghost Walk last night.

Caerwyn writes to say:

“Yes, the walking  tour at Llandaf was quite something. There are a few stories about ghosts seen in the area around the Cathedral. The witch from ‘Ffordd y Meirw’ (the street of the dead) was particularly scary. She had red hair, green skin and wings. She usually crawls on the ground. Walking around in pitch dark adds to the suspense ! I left the landing light on after going to sleep that night.

“I can recommend the walk. It’s  very scary, even though there are no gimmicks, just the stories.”  Book @CardiffHistory !”

llandaff photo
Photo by Dave Snowden

Thanks to Caerwyn for his report.

The Llandaff Ghost Walk costs £8 for the 1 hour 20 minute walk and £11 for the two hour extended walk. You can see the walks’ dates and book a place on the Llandaff Ghost Walk at

Written 01/09/17


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Music in the Cathedral

On 1 July there’s a choral concert at Llandaff Cathedral:

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St Matthew Passion at Llandaf Cathedral

8 April, Llandaff Cathedral Choral Society

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Llandaff Cathedral Christmas Fair


Friday 16 December. Tickets from Cathedral staff or call number on poster.

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Risking all in the 1977 skateboard craze on Llandaf Cathedral Hill

Watch the first 50 seconds of this HTV archive film to see some daring skateboarding down the hill alongside the Cathedral in Llandaf.

Keep watching if you want to be reminded of G&S Bowlrider decks, Gullwing trucks and Red Kryptonic wheels.

Here’s the information from the YouTube page:

In 1977 the skateboard craze had hit Wales. Professional Welsh skateboarder Paul Roberts was showing off his skills in the new shop ‘Skate City’ in Cardiff and at the Dutch Barn of Rhumney High School.
The ITV Cymru/Wales Archive is based at the National Library Of Wales. For more information on how to access the Archive Catalogue, please visit
Standard YouTube Licence

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The site of Llandaff’s new Memorial Hall

The Cathedral School has bought the site of Jazzy Jungle, flattened it and is preparing to build a new Memorial Hall for the school and city. The photos below outline how the hall will look and how the local community will be able to use the new facility.


memhall1 memhall5 memhall4 memhall3 memhall2

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Classic FM’s Catherine Bott hosts Haydn concert at the Catherdral