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Omar’s soon to be a Coop

July 16, 2016 - Author: melyn

Here’s a photo I took today (just before having a coffee at Gusto) of the old, much-loved, Omar’s supermarket in Insole Llandaf. It’s being turned next into a Coop, because we don’t have many branches of that store locally.

Omars in Insole Llandaf Cardiff being turned into a Coop

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Pearls and Tiaras on the lawn

May 23, 2016 - Author: melyn

Here’s some warning so you can get out your gladrags ready in time for this 10 June Pearls and Tiaras fundraiser for NSPCC:


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Risking all in the 1977 skateboard craze on Llandaf Cathedral Hill

March 20, 2016 - Author: melyn

Watch the first 50 seconds of this HTV archive film to see some daring skateboarding down the hill alongside the Cathedral in Llandaf.

Keep watching if you want to be reminded of G&S Bowlrider decks, Gullwing trucks and Red Kryptonic wheels.

Here’s the information from the YouTube page:

In 1977 the skateboard craze had hit Wales. Professional Welsh skateboarder Paul Roberts was showing off his skills in the new shop ‘Skate City’ in Cardiff and at the Dutch Barn of Rhumney High School.
The ITV Cymru/Wales Archive is based at the National Library Of Wales. For more information on how to access the Archive Catalogue, please visit
Standard YouTube Licence

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